26 Scientists, Volume One: Anning – Malthus


The first half of an abecedarium about scientists

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Indie pop concept record of scientist biographies – one for every letter of the alphabet – in the tradition of the Beatles, Pixies, Breeders, Beck, Cake, the Fall, the Talking Heads, Wire, and Robyn Hitchcock.

Learn about the first female paleontologist:

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Used Wigs Russ Starke
What if…They Might Be Giants, Ween, and Camper Van Beethoven broke into Robert Pollard’s studio with a stack of science textbooks and more than a few six-packs? I imagine you’d wind up with something sonically similar to Artichoke’s latest. A fun and stylistically diverse collection of DIY pop-rock, this disc is the first of a proposed two based on the concept of stringing together 26 catchy musical biographies (one for each letter of the alphabet, of course) of historical scientists. That sounds way more highbrow than it actually comes across, though. From the cowboy swagger of “Einstein, Albert” to the percolating “Burbank, Luther,” and from the megaphone-voiced rave-up “Galilei, Galileo” to the Beatle-chorused “Darwin, Charles Robert”,” this is more School of Rock than science class. This should fit nicely next to the hotly anticipated 5-disc collection by Jay-Z addressing the elements of the periodic table. I hear that “Ununnilium” is particularly bangin’. Standout Tracks: “Malthus, Thomas Robert”, “Fuller, Richard Buckminster”, “Einstein, Albert”, “Burbank, Luther”
Cleveland Museum of Natural History Michael J. Ryan, Ph.D., Curator and Head, Vertebrate Paleontology
“26 Scientists, Volume One: Anning – Malthus.” Sounds like a boring book? No way! It’s an über-cool new album by the band ARTICHOKE. Featuring eclectic power-pop tunes, one written for a scientist for each letter of the alphabet, its brain-snappingly groovy. Could these folks be the next ARCADE FIRE?
SciScoop Linda (Sweetwind)
Luther Burbank is my new favorite song. The use of a spoken voice in part of it, surrounded by a catchy beat, reminds me a little of Beck. (full review)
WNUR 89.3 FM in Chicago Steve S.
was surprised by this cd… expected an annoying, ironic way too self-aware joke thing, but it’s a pretty rocking indie pop album.
The World - Technology Podcast (#54) Clark Boyd
Artichoke’s “Einstein, Albert.” Talk about Geek Rock!
WAWL 91.5 FM in Chattanooga Mark 'Flyingman' Caldwell
It makes u ponder over your smooth and wrinkled college cafeteria peas. Fun loud GMO Punk well deserving of a “nobel” spin on the radio.

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