20 Grit


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a special edition of handcrafted 5-song eps with printed insert and sandpaper cover. featuring the self-deprecating yet irresistibly catchy song “small flock”:

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If you want to own one, you’ll need to talk Timothy out of one of his remaining copies.

No-Fi Magazine Quin
This is the new one from the band Artichoke. While this one is alot shorter than their last one, it’s also alot better. It’s the same sound as the first CD, but the songs are just so much more polished and much better written. It also sounds like they use some different instruments here. So if you liked them before, you should definitely check this one out. The packaging of this is quite interesting and original…it’s covered in sandpaper (hence the title 20 Grit). Weird, but a good idea. I was a bit confused by the track listing. The CD lists five tracks, but there are actually six. I know you’re thinking it’s probably a hidden track, but track five, titled “Thomas Robert Malthus” is a ten second backwards message. While track six is a complete song…and probably my favorite song on the album. So, what’s this one called, guys? I’d like to know, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since this is all so darn good anyway.

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