About Artichoke

Timothy Sellers — the guy writing these words — started the band called Artichoke in 1998. An hour ago the lady at Supercuts asked me how I picked the name. Since she had the scissors, I did not prevaricate. Back when I was pondering band names, I looked for a noun that was green and spiky, ideally a word that could be understood when yelled across a loud bar.

Wooosh! Artichoke has now consumed fifteen years and dozens of musicians. It has produced ten albums, a songbook, and hundreds of shows. Sometimes plagues of aphids sucked the life out of the Artichoke plant, but other times the big jagged leaves drank in the sunshine and we found butter and lemon.

A NOTE FOR PEOPLE LOOKING FOR KIDS MUSIC! Artichoke does a great family show. Do not be mislead by our adventurous discography. We are a smart band and we are careful to customize our performances to fit the venue and event. For example, Artichoke recently played a charming high-energy set for kids and families at the Geffen Theatre. We also like to rock in bars and clubs all over Los Angeles. Let me know if you have questions.

Artichoke rehearses and records right here in Highland Park, which is one of the older and hillier parts of Northeast Los Angeles. The live 2013 Artichoke contains: Steve Collins and his theremin. Evan Chudnow playing the bass guitar, Lydee Walsh on vocals and percussion, and one of the following drummers: Ty Key, Shawn Nourse, or David Doblan. If you’ve seen “Spinal Tap” you will understand the importance of keeping a stable of excellent drummers handy. I sing and play guitar. Artichoke often has a lead guitar player, but alas, our recent guitar champs are far away. Daniel Leyson moved up to Davis, California and Nick Reiter is back in Manhattan, Kansas.

Artichoke’s newest record is here: “Etchy Sketchy Skies.” You’ll hear trumpets and drums, sitars and guitars, tales of the natural world and the extra-natural one.

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