About Artichoke

Timothy Sellers — the guy writing these words — started the band called Artichoke in 1998. There have been a dozen albums, a songbook, and hundreds of shows. Sometimes plagues of aphids sucked the life out of the Artichoke plant, but other times the big jagged leaves drank in the sunshine and we found butter and lemon. Sometimes metaphors thumb-wrestled with similes, but then that’s the risk you take when you allow a band to have opposable thumbs.

Artichoke does a great family show. We customize our performances to fit the venue and event. Artichoke recently played charming high-energy sets for kids and families at the Southwest Museum, the Gene Autry Museum of the American West, and the Skirball Cultural Center. We also like to rock in bars and clubs all over Los Angeles.

Artichoke rehearses and records right here in Highland Park, which is one of the older and hillier parts of Northeast Los Angeles. Please join our email list if you want to hear about live shows, new music, and generally keep in touch.

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