Summer of 2017

Posted by on Aug 10, 2017

It has been ages since I posted on this Artichoke website, but we’ve continued to rock and / or roll. To summarize:

Since about 2013, the live Artichoke has featured many musicians. The main players have been Lydee Walsh on vocals and percussion, Ty Key on drums, Steve Collins on theremin, Carl Urbinati on guitar, Chet Johnston on bass, and Anna Hollingsworth on accordion. We’ve played shows at the Southwest Museum, the Skirball Museum, and the Gene Autry Museum, the Wisdom Arts Lab, and many parties, gallery openings and clubs.

In the studio, the Cubase PC setup I used since the days of Y2K finally kicked the bucket. I recorded about 7 albums on that system. But now I’m having big fun with Logic and my wife’s hand-me-down mac laptop. Wow, the new audio technology is amazingly user-friendly. I will definitely upgrade again in 15 years!

I hope to release several Artichoke albums soon:

“Guitar Sneeze” is an album of 12 very short rock songs, averaging 90 seconds each. It sounds done to me. Thanks to Carl, Ty, Lydee and Chet for rocking on this one. Nick Reiter, who is living in Austin and who you may recall from “Etchy Sketchy Skies,” contributed lead guitar noodles to the title song. What’s a guitar sneeze without noodles, after all?

“Echoes From the Century Next Door” is a collection of 10 cover songs and 4 of my own. It’s mostly me, a lot of guitar effects pedals, and my new software friends. We goofed around until something interesting happened. Guest vocalists include: Lydee Walsh, Daniel Leyson, and Bill Barbot. An extremely weird version of “Margaritaville” features Paul Livingstone on sitar and Andy Creighton on bass.

“12 Painters” or “A Dozen Painters” (still deciding on the title!) sounds done too. Guest vocals from Antonia Romeo on “Banksy.” This is one way to use that Art History degree, right?

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