Posted by on Aug 4, 2013

Allison just updated and improved this site, so here’s a new post…

On the last weekend of July, I (Timothy) headed up to Portland, Oregon to play the entire “Bees” album for a couple hundred beekeepers. I also got to see bees swarming firsthand! It is still fundamentally amazing to me that humans can handle bees to such an extent and not get stung (that much).

This is a beekeeper from Los Angeles who captures feral bees:

These are a few beekeepers practicing the art of grabbing and labeling bees:

This was my show at Pacific University. Diana Foss and Kristin Maidment sang along and made my solo set less solo-ey:

Here are some of the bigger-wig beekeepers. During the workshop, the air was full of swarming bees.

Thanks to Kat and all the beekeepers for having me! I really enjoyed making the connection and taking the “Bees” album where it logically should go.

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