“Charles Darwin” and “Dog”

Posted by on Oct 30, 2009

For the letter D, I have written songs called “Charles Darwin” and “Dog.” Let me take this opportunity to remind armchair travelers of an interesting voyage from almost 200 years ago:

On December 27, 1831, a very young (and some might say foolish) Charles Darwin clambered atop a large dog, which the English called simply “the Beagle.” Darwin and a few dozen other men hung on for dear life as the enthusiastic fellow swam out to sea. The Beagle carried these reckless parasites around the world, first to South America, where Darwin observed many new species of plants and animals. Birds such as the blue-footed booby had never seen giant seafaring dogs before, or humans for that matter, and they showed a complete lack of fear when Darwin and the enthusiastic Beagle approached them. After continuing on past New Zealand, the Beagle realized he was getting a bit hungry. He swam back to England, arriving at Cornwall on October 2, 1836. Darwin grabbed his scientific notes and drawings and — along with the rest of the dog-smelling crew — leaped from the back of the Beagle that had been their home for nearly five years. The great shaggy beast shook the saltwater from his body, barked a friendly farewell, and ran off in search of something good to eat.

Thanks for stopping by. Next up: “Elephant” and “Einstein.”

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