“Cat” and “Marie Curie”

Posted by on Aug 25, 2009

Today, we present the letter C:

In the category of tragic scientist biographies, none is better known than the story of Marie and Pierre Curie. And their story is indeed tragic — young husband Pierre killed by a horse-drawn wagon as he stumbled, radiation-poisoned, across a busy street; Marie killed much later by the same invisible magic after a life of underfunded toil and hard-won success.

I wrote and recorded “Marie Curie” back when we were renting space in downtown LA. I was messing around with with an agonizingly slow 3/4 tempo and a very loud distorted guitar. Later when we played the song live, Steve brought a little glowing test tube theatricality to our stage show. An actual scientist in your band can be a handy thing.

“Cat” is a catchy little melody over a swing beat that I like to use because it’s easy to sing over. My 3-year-old niece Rosemary acted out the lyrics of this song the very first time I played it for her!
I guess that’s it for C. I should also mention that Artichoke will be performing at the Eagle Rock Music Festival on October 3rd at 10:00. See ya next time for “Dog” and “Charles Darwin.”


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