“Mary Anning” and “Aardvark”

Posted by on Jul 27, 2009

Howdy! This year, Artichoke completed two alphabets of music, one of scientists in two volumes, and one of animals for kids. So over the next few weeks, I’m going to post songs for each letter from both projects from A to Z.

“Mary Anning” and “Aardvark” kick things off. The song about Mary Anning is a fairly complete biography. She was a skilled artist with a keen eye for fossils. Mary Anning managed to overcome many prejudices of the time against her gender and social status in 19th century England.

I wrote this song back when we rented a rehearsal space down on 7th street in LA. I made it fairly catchy by dividing every 8 beats into 5 and 3 on the bass and drums. As an early lineup of Artichoke was breaking up, this was one of the first songs where I played everything: lead guitar, bass and such. I learned a lot. And when a new live Artichoke arose, the band really rocked this song!

“Aardvark” is the first song on the kids record. Apparently aardvarks are pretty tough animals, with thick ant-proof skin and some serious claws for digging. They are sort of living fossils, relatively unchanged genetically over the last many million years. This is a fun song to start the live kids show with.
Well, that’s the letter “A.” See ya next time for “Beaver” and “Luther Burbank.”

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