“26 Scientists Volume Two: Newton – Zeno”

Posted by on Jul 1, 2009

The other shoe has dropped. “26 Scientists Volume Two: Newton – Zeno” is available right here, at, and itunes. It’s Artichoke’s third CD released this year! And this one was long overdue. Thanks for your patience. I hope you enjoy this new chapter of geek rock. For further details or to purchase the record you can go here.

The live Artichoke had a great time playing “26 Animals” at the Future Studio. Chris Gonzalez on bass, Steve Collins playing theremin and acting like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and guest drummer Joe Babiak sitting in. Small people and big people filled the gallery with animal drawings, and there was some inspired dancing. I invited folks to dance like various animals, but I have since heard Oliver Sacks say that animals can’t dance. Sacks maintains dancing is a distinctly human ability, and that you shouldn’t waste money on lessons for your pets.

Artichoke recently played the “Bees” set at Steve’s big birthday bash up in Altadena. The night was misty, and the disco ball in the olive tree bobbed and sparkled over our heads. Steve’s friends and family were all there. It was great to be part of the celebration, and songs performed outside at night always seem a little mysterious.

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