“26 Animals” June 13th @ the Future Studio Gallery

Posted by on Jun 8, 2009

howdy! it’s a grey monday, and i should probably be taking a nap, but instead, i’ll announce the “26 Animals” official release party this saturday, june 13, at 8:00 at the future studio in highland park. where exactly?
Future Studio Gallery
5558 N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles CA 90042
the event runs from 7 to 10. i will cover one wall with paper for humans to draw animals on. or animals to draw humans on, if that’s how the evening goes. at 8:00 SHARP, bassist chris, thereminist steve, drummer joe, and i will play a bunch of the songs from “26 Animals.” there may well be dancing in the manner of cats, vultures, and jellyfish. there will probably be giggling when the joey kicks the wallaby in the butt. (there usually is.) the frog song may lead to hopping. (it usually does.) the lungfish song may lead to lunging. (it never has.) the mosquito song will provide an occasion for group whining. speaking of that, there will be wine for older kids, and vietnamese goodies for all supplied by the good girl dinette. the original watercolor illustrations for “26 Animals” will be on hand to peruse. and of course the “26 Animals” songbook + cd will be for sale. buy ten, get an 11th for free! thanks to amy and stuart of the future studio for hosting this event and helping make the book possible. thanks to everyone who bought a book in advance to help us fund the printing. bring your kids, your friends, your friends’ kids, your kids’ friends, and your friends’ kids’ kids’ friends — and let’s have a party this saturday!

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