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Posted by on Apr 3, 2009

the number of songs on myspace has increased sorta like razor blades in the 90s. at first you could have TWO blades / songs on your shaver / site. it was quite pleasant. a smooth comofortable shave, a little sharing of songs. then there was something of a thrill when we went up to THREE. holy shit — that’s 50% more shaving / listening pleasure! and i hardly cut myself at all, even when taking out those 5 hairs between my eyebrows. then another little bump up to FOUR songs. 33% more shaving / listening blah blah blah. you get it. i think next was SIX. now we’re getting somewhere. that’s a solid EP of songs, a sort of tree of razor blades to wave around. i shave every three days or so, in case you are wondering. a lot of indie musicians pretend not to shave at all, but most of them must or we’d see many more full biblical beards around here. and that might lead to an explosion of ferrets as pets, their little heads darting in and out of big bushy biblical beards. ha ha ha. the bible.

and then came the really big news. last night, at like 1:20 am, myspace tom emailed me personally. i guess he couldn’t sleep or something. tom said “this is it: we’re going to TEN!”

well, that’s just plain dangerous to your face, if you ask me. keep that forest of jagged steel away from my head! i’m trying to preserve what might be left of my boyish good looks. but then i remembered that tom was talking about SONGS — not razors — and so i relaxed a bit and added 80% more songs than we had up yesterday.

you are invited to swing by myspace and groove a little. we have 5 songs from “historic highland park” and 5 songs from “26 animals.”

you can buy either cd here. compared to ferrets, they make pretty nice gifts.

also, on sunday we’re playing in the woods. we’re meeting at the eaton canyon trailhead at 3:00. it’s a short little hike, but bring comfy shoes. we’ll play a bunch o’ songs at a shady spot designated by our hosts.

thanks to sara for inviting us! for details about our show in the woods, please visit: The Natural Stage Project

i believe this show will be,

timothy chris antonia, and anna

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