singing from the bee’s perspective

Posted by on Mar 10, 2009

thanks to kevin and amy and all the kids who brought their forbears to see our show on sunday! it was great to get to play with legendary drummer fredo ortiz for the first time since, uh, 2004? dang! we played all the “26 animals” except “octopus.” but “octopus” will finally get up to bat (there’s an image) this saturday at 3:00 erica’s house. more info tba.

in the meantime — TONIGHT in fact — another artichoke Venn diagram loop will play the “bees” set at mr. t’s at 9:00. that’s at 5621 1/2 north figueroa street.

tonight artichoke will sound and look like: chris on the acoustic bass, steve on theremin and tambourines, me on geetar and singing from the bee’s perspective. and also joining artichoke is antonia romeo, a wonderful singer and musician who performs “bees” and also sings on the (not-yet-heard-by-anyone-outside-of-yet-another-Venn-diagram-loop) “is this feeding back?” song cycle / rock record of hope and despair for the near future. but more on the later later! let’s summarize the right now right now:

artichoke presents “bees” tonight at t’s in the hp fer free @ 9:00

see ya soon,

timothy chris steve antonia
4/5 of the “bees” artichoke (dan’s busy moving but he’ll be back in the hive soon)

ps kevin’s photographs
pps the “bees” cover paintings are done. official cd soonish?

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