robyn hitchcock or morrissey?

Posted by on Mar 4, 2009

as some of you know, i’m a big fan of robyn hitchcock.  the wife and i have seen him a half dozen times over the decades.  but sadly for me, his last 2 los angeles shows coincided EXACTLY with artichoke shows, so i couldn’t see him.  for example, 2 saturdays ago, artichoke was playing at mr. t’s bowl when he was at largo.  then i caught some of his live set on kcrw the subsequent wednesday morning.  an hour later, chris called me and said “i just met robyn hitchcock!”  so i raced over to where he was (in the valley for some reason?) with a copy of “26 animals” in my hand.  chris and i shambled up to robyn’s lunch table, confessed our serious fanhood, and sheepishly gave the nice man a cd.  out on the street aftewards, 2 women who had witnessed our behavior asked “who was that?  was that morrissey?”

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