groovy is groovy, no matter how many bowls of cereal you’ve munched

Posted by on Mar 8, 2009

dear fanz,
tomorrow we play all the “26 animals” songs at kevin and amy’s house here in the hp. i think we’ll set up in the back yard under their big pine tree. it’s daylight savings — so don’t miss our 3:00 pm show! arielle can’t make this one, so fredo ortiz (who was on some songs on “26 scientists volume one: anning-malthus” before he was taken away from us by the beastie boys touring schedule) will play drums with us. needless to say, he rocks.

and we’ve got cds of “26 animals” available! the record will be “officially” released when we have the accompanying songbook all printed up — in about two months. it’ll be a fully-illustrated hardcover 8″ square book, with tablature and lyrics for all 26 songs! i painted watercolor animals for each song. allison and i photographed the paintings, and then worked on the layout of lyrics and chords over the images for a few evenings. amy inouye from the future studio (on figueroa street underneath chicken boy and next to foliero’s pizza) hooked us up with a quality printer in hong kong, where i am told the books are being printed even now. in the meantime, please dig the no-frills unadorned “26 animals” cd with 57 minutes of kids music. i should mention that some adults seem to enjoy the cd too. which is fine with me, since i think the best kids records were probably made by the beatles. “mean mr. mustard” and “polythene pam” made a big impression on me, anyway. illiterative characters zap straight into the young hard drive. but i don’t actually know any current “kids” music, come to think of it. or maybe i don’t know any adults’ music? you know, i recently heard that kids were sort of like human beings in many ways — so we may not have to worry about keeping their music separate from ours. we’ve got a few more earth orbits under our adult belts, but groovy is groovy no matter how many bowls of cereal you’ve munched. what was i talking about?

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