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Posted by on Feb 18, 2009

hi people,

(sometimes i forget to write new blogs, so tonight i’ll cheat and use my rambling announcement for our show this saturday.  i’ll do a “real” blog entry soon.)

i know you lead fast-paced, email-scanning lives.

no time for the past.  or for proust — or even to type out implied verbs, for that matter.

but let’s make time for the future.

to facilitate, i’m spacing things out a little in this email.

don’t worry, there is nothing to read between the lines.

but if you read the lines themselves — or what’s in between what’s in between the lines —  i’m here to tell you that:

artichoke is playing mr. t’s bowl this saturday!  it’s the “26 animals” set, with steve, chris, and arielle.

mr. t’s bowl
5621 1/2 figueroa street
los angeles, ca 90042
$5   21+

Photons 900-945

Artichoke 945- 1030

The French Semester 1030-1115    (thanks for inviting us!!!)

The Flower Machine 1115-1200

Leisure Pills 1200-1245

that’s the scoop.  say hi if you come out!

timothy steve chris arielle

ps  the “26 animals” songbooks and cds are being printed and pressed even now!  somewhere in hong kong the printers are getting to work.  somewhere in woodland hills the duplicators are at it.  and it is still very helpful to us if you pre-order your copy of “26 animals.”  we’ll bring our little order book to the mr. t’s show.  and thanks a ton to everyone who has already done so!

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