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Posted by on Jul 21, 2008

i talk about music a lot, this being a band site. but today, let’s have an entry about gardening. okay?

gardening at dusk. i love it. (i love rem’s “gardening at night” song too, but dusk is honestly a better time because you can see what the hell you are doing.)

let’s see, what have i got growing back there?

the fruit trees are finally putting on some size. i planted most of them about 6 years ago. i haven’t watered them as much as a nursery or an orchard would. but without “vitamin w” things stay fairly dormant; the tree doesn’t overextend if it feels the lack of water. so i’ve started watering a bit more. a bunch of citrus — lemons, limes, a blood orange, naval, valencia, mandarin, a few kumquats. 4 plum trees. i like those dark sweet ones so i planted a bunch. 3 pomegranates. a persimmon. 2 fig trees, one mission and one brown turkey. an apple tree. apples aren’t well-suited to this hot place, but some varieties can sort of cope. the fruit of los angeles apple trees is pretty shabby compared to the ones from the catskills. but it’s probably better than the fruit of orange trees in the catskills. my persian mulberry kicked arse this year. a torrent of huge, 3″ and even 4″ berries. for some reason the parrots and squirrels gave me a break and we humans got to eat the mulberries. i have a blueberry bush, but i may have planted it in too hot a spot, based on the fact that its sibling in the same spot sort of fried and died last year.

one tree i didn’t have to plant is the excellent avocado that was here when we moved in. the drug and alcohol recovery program people that lived here before us had sort of attacked the avocado tree. there were deep saw cuts and hatchet wounds in the trunk. a lacerating chain hung from one of the 3 main branches to hold a heavy boxing bag. it made me angry to see this abuse, but avocados are very resilient. i took that bag down, started watering and fertilizing, and we’ve had as many avocados as we could stand to eat for about 4 months of every year. nobody can really identify the variety of this tree. we’ve studied up, and it appears to be something of an avocado mutt.

this year i’m growing giant pumpkins. you can almost see them growing. the leaves are about 2 feet in diameter, and the vines are stretching out pretty fast. the packet says the fruit may reach several hundred pounds. but that’s only if you make sure each vine only has one pumpkin. i’m thinking of making a big ol’ “pumpkin man” if this all works out.

i’ve got more gardening babble i could share, but let’s see how this first envoy is received before telling you all about my magic compost heap.

oh yeah, we rocked a few shows with the eternal triangle and the evangenitals. it was fun, as those of you who were there know!!

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